Yorkshire Bike Fitting - The process

Bike fitting is the process of adjusting the position of your bike to suit you. 

First and foremost.. Bike Fitting isn't just for elite level cyclists, it can help amateur and professional riders alike. So don't be put off by thinking you're not good enough or fast enough!

There are several different methods to fitting bikes, and no two fitters will fit quite the same. I've used my training and experience of the last 6 years to ensure that my will get your bike into the best possible position for you.

During your session, I look at the reasons for your fit, whether it's performance orientated or because of a pain that you have. If it is pain, I'll try and find the root cause and correct it, helping you to avoid any future issues. 

The cause of pain is something that some fits ignore, usually as a result of focussing purely on the bike as opposed to looking closer at the anatomy & physiology of each client.

The aim of any good bike fit is to have you cycling more comfortably, more efficient and pain free. I can make that a reality for you!

​​With studio based bike fits starting at just £75 I cover everything you can ever imagine to achieve your ideal position, whether it's for comfort, to get rid of those pesky aches & pains, or if you want that super efficient, aero position to give you the winning edge in your next important race...

My state of the art bike fitting studio in north Leeds has all the necessary equipment, including high definition cameras, custom footbed moulding equipment, motion analysis software and lasers to ensure the fit you get is the most accurate possible.​ 

Full details on all of my services can be found by clicking here.

​So if you're from Leeds or you're coming for a bike fit from Harrogate, Bradford or the surrounding areas, the studio is quick and easy to get to.

I also offer saddle fitting for if you've got saddle pain on the bike, or don't find your saddle comfortable - Full info can be found here: http://www.yorkshirebikefitting.co.uk/saddle-fitting.html

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