Advanced Fit - £135

Find which service suits you.

​​The advanced bike fitting from Yorkshire Bike Fitting is best suited for those suffering with pain on the bike. It takes over double the time of the basic fitting and is a lot more in depth.

Includes knee tracking analysis/correction and advanced postural assessment.

The basic bike fitting from Yorkshire Bike Fitting is a great way to ensure your bike is set up as good as it can be to start you off on your cycling journey, no matter what level you ride at!

The position you end up with at the end of this fit will be tailored to your needs and is considered the foundation of every good position.

Pro Fit - £165

Fancy booking a session without​ the hassle of having to go backwards and forwards with emails, phone calls or texts? You can book all my bike fitting services on the system below. It'll even give you email reminders so you don't forget when you're booked in!

This is the quickest and easiest way to get booked in for a bike fit.

Unsure which service to book in for? Either check out the services page, or read the above descriptions of each fitting. For details of insole fitting, please refer to the insole fitting page.

PLEASE NOTE: Consultation sessions are not for bike fitting, they are for further assessment after a fitting or general advice on sizing etc. Also, timings are approximate and some sessions may last slightly loess time or slightly longer than listed.


Basic Fit - £75

The Pro Fitting is the highest level of fitting I provide. It covers the same adjustments as the advanced fitting (Detailed below) but the process is slightly different.

The Pro Fit uses high definition cameras, motion tracking software & lasers to ensure the most accurate fit possible.