The worlds most advanced saddles at a fraction of the price of other manufacturers..

Does it seem to good to be true? It's not!

I'm one of just a handful of Fabric saddle dealers in Leeds

Don't just take my word for it! Whilst you're here why not read the following reviews for the Fabric saddles?

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Boasting some of the most popular saddles in production, Fabric know how to make a great saddle. From their original “Charge Spoon” saddle, they have had a rebrand and have massively expanded their range.

The Fabric Scoop as it is now known comes in three shapes to suit all kinds of rider. Also on offer is a range called the Fabric Line which is based on the popular shape of the Scoop but has a pressure relief channel for those riders prone to numbness in the saddle region.

So what’s different? Fabric use a unique production method to bond the base, padding and top cover together, no staples or stitches which are found on other brands. This reduces the tension of the top cover compared to a a more traditional saddle. This allows the padding to conform to your body better. Combine this technology  with a cracking base shape and fantastic styling, they look and feel awesome!

I'll let this american chap explain more about one model in particular, the Fabric Scoop. Just one of a range of saddles I offer.

There is no technical wizardry with the Fabric range... They keep it simple with a fantastic shape base, quality padding, a good range of shapes/sizes to suit all riders and over 1000 great reviews online! Add to that the awards the Spoon has got  (5/5 it got from Bike Radar, the best on test from Cycling Plus, the People's Choice award from Road.CC and Best on Test again from BikesETC) and you really can't argue!

 With different saddles to suit all kinds of rider, a 60 day comfort guarantee backed by Fabric themselves, and the fact I'm using their saddles myself (I use the Cell Comfort because it's cool as hell and really comfy) this is a great addition to the studio and It’s great to have another brand to run alongside the Prologo MyOwn system/saddles.