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Without the correct support, it's likely the foot will be in the wrong position. If this is the case, it's common to find that parts of your body above the foot won't be functioning correctly either. In a lot of fittings, I see problems with the feet, knees, hips and back. A set of good quality custom cycling insoles can help sort these problems for good.

An average 2 hour ride involves over 10,000 pedal strokes, that' s a lot of movement for a poorly supported foot!

The foot & pedal interface is the most important parts of a bike fit.

I am one of a handful of specialists in Yorkshire to offer Sidas custom cycling insoles. That's something I'm really proud of! 

How I can help you.

Professional rider Scott Thwaites at my bike fitting studio in Leeds getting some custom cycling insoles made.

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Think about it, the pedal is the only part of the bike you're actually fixed to right? What if you're fixed in the wrong position? I can help put that right.

Cramp on the bike, cycling hot foot, numb toes when cycling, sore arches, plantar fasciitis, hotspots, knee pain when cycling, hip pain, ankle pain, back pain, poor knee tracking, power loss and many more!

I can help you with the following issues by fitting you with a fully custom insole!

A pair of Sidas fully custom cycling insoles from Yorkshire Bike Fitting cost just £79.99 (includes the insoles and the fitting its self). That is less than a pair of good quality handlebars! A fair price for something that is responsible for your comfort, performance and keeping you injury free!

Your feet are an amazing body part, with a combined 52 bones for a pair! With various ligaments, muscles and tendons attaching to these bones, it's vital that your foot is in the correct alignment to avoid any excess pressure or stress to the foot. When cycling shoes are pulled tight, it's common to find that your foot is forced into a really unnatural and unforgiving position. A custom cycling insole is a great way of ensuring correct foot position even when your cycling shoes are done up tight.

Think about the foundations of a house, if built incorrectly it's likely that the building on top will suffer structurally as a consequence. It's exactly the same with your body.