Prologo Saddle Fitting

Do you find the saddle on your bike uncomfortable?

 I offer a full Prologo MyOwn saddle fitting service at the Meanwood studio.

I'm trying to take the risk associated with buying a new saddle out of it. How many times have you bought a saddle and it turned out to not be comfy? I think we all have at least once!

With Prologo's proprietary software, I can find the perfect saddle for you in 4 easy steps.

I use the Prologo software to combine seatbone width with spinal flexibility & BMI. The result is a saddle that is both the correct shape and size for you.

Most brands just look at either seatbone width or flexibility. By looking at both, the correct support can be offered to your seatbones and pelvis. This doesn't only make the saddle more comfortable to sit on, but can drastically improve your whole position on the bike! 

Once the software calculates your ideal saddle, I can loan you a test saddle where available or I can fit a brand new saddle to your bike from my extensive range.

Some people say you can't put a price on comfort, but I think you can, with saddles start from £59.99 you can't afford to not have one!