You've come to the right place if you're uncomfortable on your bike saddle. 

Whether you're having a saddle fit as part of a bike fitting or as a standalone thing just to find the right saddle, I have the experience and products to get you as comfortable as possible on the saddle.

Bike saddle fitting in Leeds

As a recent addition to the Yorkshire Bike Fitting range of products, Fabric saddles are now in stock.

 Boasting some of the most popular and comfortble saddles in production, Fabric know how to make a great saddle. From their original “Charge Spoon” saddle, they have had a rebrand and have massively expanded their range.

 The Charge Spoon as it is now known comes in three shapes to suit all kinds of rider. They also offer a range called the Line saddle which is based on the popular shape of the Spoon but has a pressure relief channel for those riders prone to numbness in the saddle area.

 So what’s different? Fabric use a unique production method to bond the base, padding and top cover together, no staples or stitches which reduces the tension of the top cover compared to a standard saddle. This allows the padding to conform to your body better. Combine this technology  with a cracking base shape and fantastic styling, and you've got the perfect saddle.

 With options to suit every rider, and a 60 day money back guarantee backed by Fabric themselves, this is a great addition to the studio and It’s great to have another brand to run alongside the Prologo MyOwn system/saddles. 

A Yorkshire Bike Fitting veteran, I've dealt with Prologo from day one and love their saddles. A nifty bit of software is used to work out the saddles.

I use the Prologo software to calculate your ideal saddle be combining seat bone width with spinal flexibility & BMI. The result is a saddle that is both the correct shape and size for you. 

Most brands just look at either seatbone width or flexibility. By looking at both, the correct support can be offered to your seatbones and pelvis. This doesn't only make the saddle more comfortable to sit on, but can drastically improve your whole position on the bike! 

Once the software calculates your ideal saddle, I can loan you a test saddle where available or I can fit a brand new saddle to your bike from my extensive range.

Some people say you can't put a price on comfort, but I think you can, with saddles start from £62.50 you can't afford to not have one!