Saddle Fitting - £25

1/2 Hour £30 1 Hour £50

Services - Bike Fittings

Fit Level Basic Fit Advanced Fit Complete Fit
Cleat Fitting
Full Bike
Knee Tracking
Motion Capture
Fit Measurements
Full fit report
Insole Fitting
+15 Mins(+£79.99) ✔(+£79.99) ✔ (Included in price)

Advanced Fit - £135

The basic bike fitting from Yorkshire Bike Fitting is a great way to ensure your bike is set up as good as it can be to start you off on your cycling journey, no matter what level you ride at!

The position you end up with at the end of this fit will be tailored to your needs and is considered the foundation of every good position.

When booking a session you agree to the following – when cancelling an appointment, at least 24 hours notice must be given by email to or you will be liable for 100% of the fitting fee.


In instances of illness or a change in circumstances, this fee may be waived if less than 24 hours notice is given.


A total no show for your booked appointment will result in you being liable for 100% of the fitting fee. 

Feet are the only part of your body physically attached to the bike, and they need the correct support.

With the fully custom insoles, your feet help your body to function better on the bike. This increases your power output & gives you a great platform to do big miles with less risk of injury.

As well as the feet being the root cause of a  huge amount of injuries, you can't beat having comfy feet!

Basic Fit - £75

Includes carbon fibre footbeds worth £79.99

Services - "Extra Bits"

Insole Fitting - £79.99

Please use the table below to see exactly what each fit entails.

On a similar basis to insole fitting, your feet are a really important part of the fit.

It's all very well having the foot in the correct position in the shoe with a custom insole, but what about the foots position in relation to the pedal?

Cleat fitting can improve comfort, reduce the risk of injury and improve power output.

Is having a comfy saddle an unreasonable request? I don't think so!

Saddle fitting takes out the guess work of choosing a saddle and I base my recommendations on the awesome software provided my Prologo, known as MyOwn.

Check out full details of my saddle fitting services here

Complete Fit - £245

Cleat Fitting - £30

​​​The advanced bike fitting from Yorkshire Bike Fitting is best suited for those suffering with moderate pain on the bike. It takes over double the time of the basic fitting and is a lot more in depth.

Includes knee tracking analysis/correction and advanced postural assessment.

Please note: The fitting sessions includes the time taken to fit Sidas custom insoles, however an additional fee of £79.99 applies for this service apart from the Pro Fit which includes custom insoles as standard.

The Complete Fitting is the highest level of fitting I provide. You will leave with a professionally fitted bike and a pair of carbon fibre cycling insoles worth £79.99 included in the price.

Best suited to those with long standing issues or those looking for the best service possible.

The Complete Fit uses high definition cameras, motion tracking software & lasers to ensure the most accurate fit possible.