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What my customers say.

"Having previously been to a well known Yorkshire bike shop for a bike fit, they seemed to lose interest in me when I said I didn't want to buy a bike from them, still charged me 80 quid!

Stephen at Yorkshire Bike Fitting however, was the exact opposite. He was very keen, knowledgeable and thorough, nothing was too much bother, even down to running me to the local bike shop when my seat clamp bolt was found to be too short! He also offers Prologo saddle fit which again was a very thorough affair. altogether highly recommended".

Brendan - Sportive rider & commuter

"I recently purchased a new bike and part of the process was to ensure I had the correct fit.

I was returning to the sport after a long absence and had never experienced a proper fit before.

Stephen set me up on a stock bike to ensure what was required and the bike was then ordered. Once the bike arrived Stephen then transferred all the measurements to the new machine.

All through the process Stephen explained everything and identified problem areas. He is a great guy and really knows his stuff.

Well worth the cost and I have had many months of trouble free riding. Cheers Stephen."

Darren - Leisure rider and ex racer

"After 40 years of cycling, including some racing in my 30s I pretty much figured I had my position on the bike sorted. But as I entered my 50's I started suffering from some minor issues with tight hamstrings and saddle sores which led to time off the bike.  

​ I contacted Stephen probably later than I should have and having never had my set up looked at before I wasn't sure what to expect. 

 Stephen was able to determine that due to one of my legs being slightly longer than the other I was unevenly positioned and delivering less power through the pedals. There was too much weight on my butt and I was sitting a little too upright. 

 The adjustments made by Stephen were subtle but immediately effective;  evening up the angle of my legs and making me more compact on the bike. The result was more power through the pedals, less weight on my backside and less pressure on my hamstrings.  

I feel physically better but more importantly I feel mentally more prepared for riding knowing that I am no longer injuring myself every time I go out. 

If you are wondering if a professional bike fit is worth the money I would say yes without any doubt.

I only wish I had contacted Stephen a year earlier before my issues kept me off the bike. Do it, I promise you won't regret it".  

Al Perry - 40 years a biker and still learning. 

"I went to Stephen after having problems with numbness, tingling and cramps in my arms while riding. 

He provided a friendly and professional service, taking time to explain the cause of the problem and how it could be fixed.

After a few tweaks, both my comfort and handling have improved dramatically. No more pain - and now I can actually reach my brakes!

I'd really recommend a bike fit to anyone, only wish I'd done it sooner. Many thanks for your help!" 

Sinead - Leeds based road racer for VCUK - PH/MAS Cycling Team.

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